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In 2015, Ohioans will decide whether the first ever marijuana legalization laws in Ohio will fly high or be shot down.  Even if Issue 2 is defeated in 2015, the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in Ohio seems imminent.  As soon as it happens, OGP will launch the most comprehensive and useful directory of information and sources for anything cannabis-related in Ohio.  Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for a legal consultation before starting your company, a medical patient looking for the nearest well-reviewed dispensary, or a DIY grower having trouble with your grow, OGP will put the best resources at your finger-tips.  That’s not only our mission…it’s a promise.

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OGP was founded to connect every Ohioan with a desire to learn more about legalized cannabis cultivation, resale & consumption together.  We’re weaving the fabric of a new community with one of the oldest threads known to man!  Research, explore, connect…share!


Ohio Green Pages (OGP) does not promote nor condone the use, possession or sale of any illegal substances.  This site is for informative purposes only.  No business listed on this website condones or promotes the growth, cultivation, possession or sale of any illegal substance or drugs.

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