While everyone already knows the main reason Responsible Ohio lost traction with voters, Responsible Ohio director Ian James confirmed the same in an interview yesterday.  He says the monopoly/oligopoly structure was a mistake, as was Buddy the pot-smoking mascot.  By in large, the monopolistic structure of grow-sites was the main reason Responsible Ohio couldn’t get all pro-pot supporters on-board.  Here’s more from a recent Fox 8 article on the topic:


Nov 19, 2015  SOURCE & VIDEO: http://fox8.com/2015/11/19/responsible-ohio-says-it-made-2-big-mistakes-with-issue-3-plans-to-try-again/


Two big mistakes. That’s what the head of Responsible Ohio says the group made with Issue 3.

Ian James said Responsible Ohio will try again in 2016 and promises to have a better proposal.

He acknowledged that Buddy the mascot was a bad idea. He says it opened the group up to criticism that they were marketing to children.

The other mistake, he said, was limiting growth sites to only 10 locations that were controlled by those bankrolling the campaign.

James said next year, the plan will eliminate the monopoly-like structure and allow more home growing and retail options.

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